St Trea's
Newbridge & Ballymaguigan

This week's schedule at the Church of St. Trea

27 Nov 2023


Below is this week's schedule at the Church of St. Trea.

Sunday, 26th November

Sunday Mass at 10:00am

Monday, 27th November

Mass at 10:00am

Tuesday, 28th November

Mass at 10:00am

Wednesday, 29th November

Mass at 10:00am 

Thursday, 30th November

Mass at 10:00am

Friday, 1st December

Mass at 10:00am 

Saturday, 2nd December

Mass at 10:00am

Confessions at 10.30am and 5:00pm 

Vigil Mass at 7:00pm

Sunday, 3rd December

Mass at 10:00am

Anyone requesting a Month’s Mind or First Anniversary Mass should contact Deacon Kevin Duffy (telephone number: 07960974645).


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